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Hello folks, Iím new to this sort of thing and Iím not really sure what is happening to me. See, I am an important man on the corrections scene and I canít tell anyone else about these horrendously powerful feelings that I canít conquer. Keep it brief, okay, last summer I was invited on a hiking excursion by one of my subordinates. The hike went well until we were about half way through it. At that particular point in time, my subordinate touched me, in until then where I considered an inappropriate bodily location. To cut to the quick, I discovered feelings that men should not feel toward other men, and I liked what I felt. I donít know how to write this, but we did the nasty thing. Rather he did it to me and I couldnít resist. I couldnít face it at the time, but I liked it. He hurt me because I have never been in the position of a lady while involved in the nasty thing. I hated him immediately but the following months have changed something inside of me and I canít help myself. When we see each other at work, I feel the urge to kiss him, in the most ungodly places. My wife knows something, Iím sure, because I havenít been capable of doing the nasty with her since then. Iím over 50 but in great health. Thereís not a reason for my failure to fulfill my duty to her, but I, for the life of me, canít stop thinking of the fine young man who has captured my heart. Heís nearly 31, educated, smart, kind and caring, and single. Oh darn, I wasnít going to mention names, however, Iím going to ask for a divorce tomorrow, if I have the fortitude, and then it wonít matter. His name is the name that I repeatedly think and which consumes my mind, Paul Hauth, an addictions counselor at the prison where I serve as Warden. My name is Jim MacDonald. There, now I suddenly feel that my head and heart wonít explode. I guess that I simply had to verbalize the entire fact for the intensity to wane. Iím sick with myself and I donít know what to do. I couldnít go to a psyche considering that I reside in a small, Montana town. Everyone would know the truth by the next day and Paul and I would be ruined. Coming out of the closet is hard to do. I hope that I donít complete this and change my mind. If I do, thereís no turning back, I know. Iím a bit reluctant about posting this on the net, but as we all know, it will be lost forever in cyberspace. I feel 100% better already. Thanks for this venue, where I can get this off my chest and be me again, Jim M.
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I just had sex with my girlfriend and this time i was bent over! i was so turned on as she kept saying do you like it bitch,you like it up the ass don't you bitch. Fuck i must be queer! if only the church could see me now!
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