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It used to be controllable and wasn''t too bad. It''s gotten alot worse lately. In highschool I hated our computer system, but I had to deal with it because I needed to use it, untill the last day. I shut down the server, for good. This chistmas break I wanted to get laid while I was away from college, so I found the most manic depressed girl from highschool and appologized for making her feel that way back then. I had a best friend from highschool, two weekends ago I went to her university and got her drunk, then fucked her, I'm still going out with the other chick from highschool. This past weekend, I drank at my buddies place, I was talking to his Mom. I told her about injuries that never happened just because she was really stupid and it was easy to fuck with her head. Worst part is, I don't feel bad about any of it, I'm an undiagnosed sociopath. The only reason I'm posting here is to see what other people think about this. None of this is a lie by the way. There''s alot more, alot worse. I', pretty sure you are going to say get help or that I''m an aweful person. I'm not a bad person, I can''t help what I do. I'm not about to get help either, would you want to spend the rest of your life in a white padded room on meds?
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I'm on business
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Which year are you in?
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While my wife was at work one day , her sister popped around for a chat , whlie i was making a cup of tea she stripped off and got into our bed , when i found her there , she threw open the quilt and said , if you like what you see join me. I gave her oral sex , after she had an orgasm she got dressed and left , my wife never found .
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