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The wife has been screaming and ranting at me for five years, I had taken it and taken it until I couldn't take it anymore. Last night she got started, I snapped, I pushed into the bedroom and down on the bed, ripped her jeans off of her, then her panties,rolled her over and shoved my cock in her asshole and fucked her hard until I blew my load, I got dressed and walked out...she's crazy, she called me on my cell this am and begged me to come back and do it AGAIN...the way she carried on you would have thought I was murdering her...
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I confess to being a naughty boyfriend
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Jack Morley New Hampshire Starbuck's Orgasm I am Jack Morley and I have a 3 inch erection. At the hospital where I worked there were lots of pretty nursing students that I came to know. I always stopped at Starbuck's before work and bought them fancy coffee drinks. I always sat with them while they had their coffees, which they always enjoyed. What they didn't know was that just before work, while parked in my car in the employee parking lot, I'd pull down my scrub pants and masturbate into as many of those coffee drinks as I could. Then, I'd watch them drink. They never suspected and I kept doing this going every day for months. Then one day, a nurse caught me in the lot just as I was ejaculating into a Frappucino. She was laughing at the time but reported me later that day after I told her that I had given the drink was to a student nurse. Am I bad?
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I am eating something while writing this. And these blowjob ads around this website is making puke. so that's all. I complete forgot what i was about to write. ugh
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My name is Jack Morley and I live in New Hampshire. I shave the hair off my WHOLE body. I have a 3 inch erection. Last summer I went for a drive naked. I pulled into a McDonalds in Gorham, NH. I began playing with myself as I waited in the drive-thru. Just as I was handed a milkshake I ejaculated hot, white, cum all over the steering wheel. The waitress smiled and held back laughs as she gave me the change. I gave her a cum soaked $10 bill as a tip and drove away happy. Am I bad?
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