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I am adicted to jerking off. I cum 5 times a day. My dick gets so sore but I can't help it some days I might cum 7-10 times
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Just got back from my holiday in Vietnam, place is a shithole, just what i was looking for. fucked 4 little girls aged 8 - 13 years. kidnapped and raped 3, paid the mother 100,000 Vietnamese dong for the 4th. might have even killed one of them. bought some crude heroin from a stall in the slums of Da Nang. after i was done with her i shot her up with as much as i could fit in the needle (which i found on the side of the road) then just left her on the side of the road. now that i'm back in my country, i will continue with my normal life as a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America and work hard to provide for my wife and my 2 kids (15 and 17). if you want to let loose, visit vietnam.
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A few months back I deliberately relapsed on crystal meth after over 10 years of recovery and being very active in a 12-Step fellowship. It was fucking great and I highly encourage anyone in recovery to relapse! I'll be moving to the south-west of the US where meth is so much cheaper than here, so I can become a daily slammer. I fucking love being a meth injecting junkie!
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i slept with my bfs bffl
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I'm Jack Morley from New Hampshire and I have a 3 inch erection. I like to go to a bar down on Main St. and sit at a dark corner of the bar. I then pull my dick out of a hole in my jeans while I talk to the pretty bartender for hours. A few customers seem to be getting suspicious, especially when I cum. Last week, the bartender said, "you know, I know what you're doing here". I said "Oh?" as carefully as I could. Then she said, "But you keep right on doing it sweety. You're my best customer, my best tipper, and I really enjoy talking to you". I said, "Well I'll certainly cum again". Since then we've had a great relationship. Somehow, masturbating in a dark bar while you are chatting up a cute blonde makes me feel quite eloquent.
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